Five ways to use Powertex Universal Medium

If you have seen Powertex art or sculpture you might have noticed it has a wide range of uses. Its properties are perfect for sculpture, mixed media and structured art and for projects for outside.

Here are five ways that I have used Powertex Universal Medium to create my own art.

Fabric hardener

Powertex Universal Medium was initially developed as a fabric hardener. It can harden natural materials to make sculptures, from small craft projects to large outdoor pieces. Choose natural textiles for the best results.

Look for a good drape or exciting texture in your fabric and wrap or sculpt fabric around a base or armature. In this art doll, I used Powercotton threads to create a texture like hair.

Powertex Art Doll by Kore Sage

Powertex as paint

Powertex Universal Medium is available in a range of colours and a transparent version. Mix the colours or blend them on a surface for different effects. The long curing time allows for a working time of up to an hour.

As a paint, Powertex is hard-wearing (and weatherproof). It can be combined with textures and acrylic paint can be applied over the top.

View from the top by Kore Sage, Powertex blue abstract art 24" x 24"

A binder for dry textures

Powertex works great as a binder for texture mediums. Mix in natural materials such as 3d sand, fibres or Stone Art to create different textures for structured art.

This piece uses Terracotta Powertex medium mixed with 3d sand to build up a textured surface thick enough to press and stamp into.

Powertex sand and Bister canvas art by Kore Sage

Powertex as an adhesive

Powertex medium is a strong glue that will hold natural materials, metal, wood, glass and stone. When cured it forms a strong bond.

Build up layers of heavy materials by coating each piece with Powertex before putting it into place. Construct mixed media art with fabric, wood, cork, card and metal embellishments.

Powertex textured mixed media art by Kore Sage, yellow ochre, red and brown textures.


Not all surfaces need priming but you can apply a coat of Powertex to your base to prepare and colour it. This could be a canvas or panel, styrofoam or paper mache shapes or just about anything you can think of.

Keep in mind that Powertex may peel off smooth or soft plastic surfaces so they will need to be prepared differently.

How would you use Powertex Universal Medium?

These are the main properties of Powertex and how I use it but maybe you have other ways!

Find out more about Powertex in this article or download my free guides.  If you’d like to know more there’s a guide for beginners to crafting with Powertex available in my Etsy shop to download.

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