Five ways to use Powertex Universal Medium

A quick guide

If you have seen Powertex art or sculpture it won’t have escaped your attention that it has a wide range of applications. It’s properties make it a unique addition to your supplies but what to do with that bottle of liquid?

Here are five ways that I have used Powertex universal medium to create my own art. It’s properties are perfect for fabric sculpture, structured mixed media and heavily layered art.


Powertex Universal Medium is available in a range of colours and transparent. Mix the colours or blend together on a surface for different effects. The thickness and curing time of the water based liquid allows a working time of up to an hour too. Powertex is great for a hard wearing base layer when adding textures or natural materials.

View from the top by Kore Sage, Mixed media Powertex original art

A Powertex base layer adds colour and embeds texture


Powertex is a great binder for pigments and texture mediums. Mix in powder pigments such as Powercolor or Colortricx to tint White, Ivory or Transparent Powertex medium. Add natural materials such as 3d sand, cotton balls or Stone Art to create different textures for 2d or 3d art. Rusty Powder is a real rust texture product from Powertex that can be used with Powertex Universal Medium to adhere the rust to a surface.

Five ways to use Powertex Universal Medium

Powertex binds Stone Art and Rusty Powder to a surface


Powertex medium is a strong adhesive that will hold natural materials, metal, wood, glass and stone. While some surfaces require some support while the Powertex dries, when cured it forms a strong bond. Construct mixed media art pieces with many layers of different materials with ease.

Powertex and Bister painting by Kore Sage

Natural materials painted and glued to the surface with Powertex for a structured surface


Priming surfaces such as mdf or styrofoam means a wide range of base materials can be used to create your art. Apply a layer to your surface to prepare and colour your surface. Some plastic surfaces can be incompatible with Powertex so it’s worth keeping that in mind when creating as the Powertex may peel off smooth or soft plastic surfaces.

Mixed Media Powertex canvas by Kore Sage. Ways to use Powertex Universal Medium

Primed with Yellow Ochre Powertex

Fabric hardener

Powertex universal medium was originally developed as a fabric hardener. It’s capacity to harden natural materials makes it perfect for sculpture, from small craft projects to large outdoor pieces. Powertex medium is weatherproof when cured (except the Transparent medium).

Art Doll face and hair, ways to use Powertex

Art Doll cotton hair sculpted with Powertex

These are the main properties of Powertex but you may find other uses for it. I’ve seen it used to mend a variety of things! 

If you are new to Powertex and would like to know more, try this article about Powertex. You can also download my free guides to Powertex. 

A more in-depth guide for beginners to crafting with Powertex is available in my Etsy shop to download.