Have you got a bottle of Powertex in your art supplies? Did you open it yet? Are you overwhelmed by the possibilities?

Yes I understand. You buy that shiny new product at a craft fair or on a shopping channel. By the time it reaches your craft table you’ve forgotten the brilliant idea you had and there’s already a half finished project on your non-stick mat. So you put down the shiny new thing and there it stays. We’ve all done it but none of us like to waste those art supplies either. If you’ve got a bottle of Powertex in your stash it’s time to get started!

Powertex can do so much it’s hard to know where to begin. If you’re looking for an easy project idea that lets you dip your toes into Powertex (not literally) then you’re in the right place. These may even look too tricky but I assure you, you can make these projects! It’s easy to get amazing results with Powertex!

So here’s five easy project ideas for beginners that can get you started.

1. Fairy house

Powertex fairy houses Kore SageFairy houses are a staple for Powertex addicts everywhere. Use a recycled jam jar and cotton fabric with bronze Powertex to create this delightful fairy house. Make the roof with foil or clay onto the lid. The door can be made with card or fabric or using a plaster piece like this one. After adding colour with Powercolor or Colortricx pigments and Easy Varnish these cute little homes are also weatherproof.

2. Fabric brooches

Powertex Brooches by Kore SageBrooches can use up scrap materials, are super quick and simple and have plenty of wow factor. Create your brooch with scrunched Powertex/fabric on a non stick mat and add an embellishment. Use Powertex and fabric to secure the brooch pin. Choose a dark coloured Powertex and metallic Colortricx dry brushing for maximum impact!


3. Bottles and bister

Powertex and Bister Bottle

This project uses the same fabric wrap technique as the fairy house. Use Ivory Powertex to fabric wrap bottles and add embellishments. Instead of using pigments and Easy varnish to colour, use Bister sprays. The sprays really show off deep textures. Ivory with Brown Bister gives a brilliant aged effect. Easy to do but looks really impressive.

4. MDF Kits and shapes

Seahorse MDF Powertex by Kore SageMDF shapes and kits are great for mixed media projects and are available from Powertex UK and craft suppliers. Just add Powertex and fabric to create textures and stick embellishments. Mix powder pigments such as Powercolor and Easy Varnish for colour. There’s lots of scope to add items from your craft stash too. These make impressive wall art and you can choose a shape and colours to fit your decor. You can read my blog about this Seahorse project here.

5. Potion bottles

Bright potion bottles by Kore Sage

Save interesting bottles for a bright and easy project. Fabric wrapping bottles is simple but use brightly coloured Powertex and dry brushing with metallic pigments for something special. These potion bottles were made with little sauce bottles and red and blue Powertex. I used string for the lids and added paper labels for a finishing touch.


There are really no limits to what you could do as your first project. Search Powertex on Pinterest or Instagram and look for something that captures your imagination, something that would look great on your wall or would be the perfect gift. Then grab your Powertex and give it a try. If you need a little help with the details, the Powertex UK blog has lots of step by step projects to guide you through. If you’re in the UK find your local tutor. If you’re in Brighton UK you can contact me.

Lastly a bit of advice. Powertex is a fabric hardener, it’s a good idea to protect your clothes. It is non toxic and will wash off your hands but remove precious jewelery if you’re not wearing gloves. Work on a covered surface.

Now go for it! Wine bottle gift? Textured wall art? Angel sculpture? Fairy door for the garden? Whatever your project, just start. If you’re reading this and you’re wondering what this Powertex stuff is I recommend you go here.


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