Artist, Powertex tutor and beach walker

Hi, I’m Kore. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Find abstract seascapes and urban landscapes inspired by my home city of Brighton. I love to play with Powertex mixed media products, experiment with layers and explore art through journaling and sketchbooks. I’m a curious artist so playing with new textures and materials is part of my work.

Kore Sage Artist on Brighton Beach

Much of my creative inspiration comes from this spot on the Brighton coast. It’s a steep shingle beach with a view of the remaining West Pier structures and the ever-changing sea and sky. Watching the West Pier, rusting but standing strong despite the power of the weather and the waves and the rushing of the sea on the stones is a recurring theme in my art. You’ll also find bold colour and coast-inspired mark making in my work. This scenery inspires me to create textured art so you can keep a little of the spirit of Brighton beach for yourself.

Powertex art

In 2014 I discovered Powertex Universal Medium and I began to create textured art and sculpture. I trained as a Powertex tutor and learned a lot along the way. Learn how to use Powertex and find my tips and tricks for creating your own unique Powertex art in my blog, eBooks and tutorials. If you can’t get to a workshop you’ll find some basic instruction for beginners as well as how I create my own signature style.

You can find out more about Powertex Universal Medium here.

In person workshops are currently on hold.

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Adur Art Collective Summer Exhibition 2019 Kore Sage

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Sussex Oakleaf Event February 2020