Fractured mixed media painting by Kore Sage
Kore Sage 2018
Powertex mixed media products

About Kore Sage Art

Hi, I’m Kore and if paint, Powertex and mixed media are your creative ingredients, you’re in the right place. Kore Sage Art provides resources and tutoring for mixed media artists, Powertex artists and crafters. I love to play with Powertex, experiment with mixed media and explore art through art journaling and sketchbooks. I’m endlessly curious and what to know “what happens if?”.

Mixed media art by Kore Sage
Powertex and mixed media canvas by Kore Sage

What’s here?

You can find a variety of resources here about Powertex Universal Medium and mixed media art. Powertex is one of my favourite art and craft supplies. I use it to create mixed media art as well as sculptures and craft projects. Making art makes me feel good, whatever else is going on in my life. This is the stuff that calms me on busy days, fuels me on down days and is always a safe place.

Safety in Numbers 7 painting


Powertex make a range of fabric hardeners, colour and texture products. I love to use Powertex products in my art, I find them to be excellent quality and they open up new textures and techniques to me.

I made my first Powertex project sometime in 2014 when I bought a kit. Hooked from the start, I loved to try different techniques and was really inspired to try new things. In 2014 I trained as a Powertex tutor and became a member of the Powertex UK design team in 2018. On the blog I share Powertex tutorials, tips and projects as well as a look into my creative process and mixed media art.

I run Powertex workshops and tutoring in my home city of Brighton, UK a few times a year. I’m a member of the Adur Art Collective in Sussex, UK and exhibit my art regularly. You can browse my galleries here but the Etsy shop also carries some of my original art.

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Art journals and sketchbooks

Sketchbook page by Kore Sage

Art journals and sketchbooks are the keeper of quiet times for artists. We fill them with colour, pattern and line as well as thoughts, experiments and secrets. We pour our hearts into them as well as our paint. I encourage everyone to keep a visual journal of some kind and use five minute journaling techniques with beginners. I sometimes share my art journals and sketchbooks on Instagram.


Art Journals Kore Sage