Art and the sea

Hi, I’m Kore. I paint bright abstract seascapes and urban landscapes inspired by my home city of Brighton.

Kore Sage Artist on Brighton Beach

Much of my creative inspiration comes from this spot on the Brighton coast. It’s a shingle beach with a view of the remaining West Pier structures. Watching the West Pier, rusting but standing strong despite the power of the weather, waves and the rushing of the sea on the stones is a recurring theme in my art. You’ll also find bold colour and coast-inspired mark making in my work.

A Dash of Salt acrylic abstract painting by Kore Sage

The British coastline is easily recognisable including the shingle beaches and chalk cliffs of the south. I have found so much magic in a walk on the shifting pebbles and a gaze at the gulls overhead and a pause to listen to the waves. The beach and the structures that line the coast and stand out to sea have become more familiar over the years including the beautiful remains of the West Pier.

It is the combination of changing weather and sea and sky against the steady man-made structures that inspires my art. My process includes taking photographs, art journaling, sketching and writing before creating a new series of acrylic paintings. The colour palette tends to change with the seasons along with the mark making, reflecting the changes. I tend to work on small deep edge canvases and paper although larger pieces are sometimes available. Latest available artwork can be found here on the website and on Instagram.

Powertex art

In 2013 I discovered Powertex Universal Medium and I began to create textured art and sculpture. The range of products and techniques were exciting and I had never seen mixed media art made this way. In 2014 I trained as a Powertex tutor so I could share the possibilities with others. You can learn how to use Powertex products and find my tips and tricks for creating your own unique art in my blog, eBooks and tutorials. If you can’t get to a workshop you’ll find some basic instruction for beginners as well as how I create my own signature style.

You can find out more about Powertex Universal Medium here.

My in-person workshops are currently on hold but there are many active Powertex tutors across the UK and Europe. I also recommend this Facebook group where you can ask about tutors in your area. It’s run by Powertex UK.

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Adur Art Collective Summer Exhibition 2019 Kore Sage
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