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Hi, I’m Kore. Welcome to my home of tiny art by the sea. Here you will find small original art treats, cute collectables and heartfelt reminders to pause and ponder.

The collections include Affirmations & Intentions, Seaside Moments and Little Escapes. Every piece holds a memory or captures a time or place on the coastline. Being by the sea brings me an enormous sense of wellbeing. My hope is that this tiny art offers others a piece of that feeling to take home.

Kore Sage on the beach with a view of the West Pier in Brighton in the background

Much of my creative inspiration comes from this spot on the Brighton coast with a view of the remaining West Pier structures.

The West Pier, the power of the weather, waves and the sea on the stones are recurring themes in my art. You’ll also find bold colours, seaside references and coastal-inspired marks.


In recent years I have moved away from painting canvases of deep acrylic and textured layers to ink based paper pieces. This shift evolved naturally for many reasons but became a conscious choice in 2023. I decided to use less acrylic paint and as much as possible avoid the plastic waste associated with its manufacture and use.

I now use other water-based media on paper with lower waste, including Caran D’Ache Neocolour, inks and pencils.

A tiny abstract painting on paper, purples and pinks, the word Breathe is stamped into the art, in a white frame by Kore Sage.

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Powertex art

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In 2013 I discovered Powertex Universal Medium and began to create textured art and sculpture. The range of products and techniques were very exciting and in 2014 I trained as a Powertex tutor so I could share the possibilities with others.

Find out about Powertex products and my tips and tricks for creating your own unique art in my blog, eBooks and tutorials.

My in-person workshops are currently on hold but there are many active Powertex tutors across the UK. I recommend this Facebook group where you can ask about tutors in your area. It’s run by Powertex UK.

West Pier Brighton Art Inspiration

Exhibitions and Events

During the Brighton Festival I join hundreds of artists and makers sharing art for Artists Open Houses across Brighton and Hove. Go to Events for all the details of what’s coming up.

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