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Sketchbook experiments

A colourful abstract spread in a concertina sketchbook

Sketchbooks are my favourite place to get creative. I can play without expectations, make messy mistakes and maybe do something that triggers a new series of art. As the weather shifts into Autumn, my sketchbook is where I explore colour palettes, mark-making and themes. I might even take this little concertina to the beach to document the sights and sounds of September.

How do you use your sketchbook?

Framed art now in the shop

Angled view of Listen, green monoprint abstract painting
Close up of Yes monoprint
Whispers, green, original monoprint by Kore Sage

This series of monoprints was created around the theme of voice and became a collection of paintings about pausing to breathe and connect. Each one is created from many layers, printed and ghost-printed using fluid acrylics with brayers, tools and stencils. Handmade letter and word stamps, created in reverse, add text, numbers and shapes. Discover the collection in the shop now.

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Sketchbook and art journal page with pastels by Kore Sage Art

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Powertex creative workshops

Mixed media Powertex art "Begin" by Kore Sage Art

Create extraordinary textured art and sculpture with Powertex products from a range of fabric hardeners, texture mediums and pigments. These versatile products are perfect for artists and crafters who love to play with texture.

I’m a certified Powertex tutor and love to share what I’ve learned with other texture lovers. My in-person tutoring is on hold but I have put my top techniques and tips into eBooks for instant download. Head over to my Etsy shop for Powertex instruction for beginners.

Powertex rust and bister art by Kore Sage Art

What is Powertex? It’s a fabric hardener, paint and adhesive in one product. It’s weatherproof and there’s a range of textures and pigments designed to work with it, from rust to crackle effects. If you’re new to these products, start here.

Hand with a paintbrush painting Powertex onto a turquoise blue textured painting by Kore Sage Art

Find Powertex tutorials in my Etsy shop and create your own unique art and sculpture. Instant downloads mean you can get started with your Powertex supplies straight away. There’s something for complete beginners and for stash busters.

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A sketchbook is open with blue paint and marks in it, there are crayons laying beside it.