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Tiny Art Now Available on Folksy

The tiny art collections are now available on Folksy.

It’s been lovely to set up a little art shop with Folksy. It’s been easy to use, the community is great and the shops are brimming with beautiful things handmade in the UK. I’m delighted to have the Affirmations & Intentions and Little Escapes collections available for sale. The Breathe collection is currently sold out, but there will be more to come. Sign up for monthly emails to hear about new art. I’d love to know what you think of Folksy.

The Breathe Collection

A breathe abstract painting by Kore Sage in a white mount laid on a pebble background

After the Artists Open House at Bluebell Would in May, the Breathe collection is sold out. Thank you if you visited, it was a wonderful farewell to Bluebell after 15 years.

There are tiny art paintings available from the Affirmations & Intentions and the Little Escapes collections. These are now in the Folksy shop for UK posting. I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks so sign up to the monthly email for news.

The Tiny Art Collections

Tiny magenta abstract landscape art in a white box frame on a white background
Tiny art Clarify text in blues and in a white mount
Tiny magenta abstract art landscape in a white box frame, by Kore Sage, held against a white background

Creating tiny art has become the core of my art practice and there are new collections for 2024. The new Breathe series is a collection of small reminders to pause in a busy world. These tiny art pieces remind us of the power of the breath.

Also coming this year, Little Escapes, a collection of tiny landscapes. These pieces offer a little place to wander into for a while. All the collections will have pieces available mounted in white box frames and unframed to 3″ or 4″ for easy posting.

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Sketchbook and art journal page with pastels by Kore Sage Art

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Sketchbook pages spread

Powertex mixed media tutorials

Mixed media Powertex art "Begin" by Kore Sage Art

Create unique textured art with Powertex products such as fabric hardeners, mediums and pigments. These versatile products are perfect for artists who love to play with texture and mixed media.

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