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Liquitex Muted Colours canvas

Painting with Liquitex Muted Colours on canvas for a moody, dark abstract landscape

Liquitex Muted Collection were perfect for layering in this dark and moody abstract landscape. The Muted Violet may have just surpassed Quinacridone Azo Gold as my favourite paint colour! This canvas was started off with collage pieces in neutrals although I don’t like to spend too long on this part or I can end up […]

Powertex bottle and glasses

Powertex as heavy metal

I’m making samples and trying new effects with Powertex today. These bottles and glasses were made with a mixture of black, blue and ivory Powertex although a lead colour is available. Tshirt fabric was wrapped around and small pieces of stockinette and powercotton added more texture. Fabric roses and plaster skulls added and everything dry […]

Bister and crackle

A new direction

A new product caught my eye. I don’t remember how I discovered it, social media maybe, but I watched a launch program on Hochanda channel and then rewatched all the shows. A liquid fabric hardener that can be used like clay, like adhesive, like paint, like texture paste, like crackle medium and other things I’m […]

mixed media abstract by Kore Sage

Safety in Numbers – the final touches

The series has come together quite well. The application of a glaze has helped to connect them, along with the limited, shared palette and theme. They do range in mood though. I’m yet to decide if this is a positive attribute for the series. I cannot help thinking that a commercially viable series would appear […]


Safety in Numbers – Series continued

The safety in numbers series is ongoing. Seven paintings are complete, while one is still in progress. Note “Safety in Numbers 1″ was a test piece using a different palette and I have left it out of the display for this reason. Series principles: 10″ x 10” square gallery canvases (Winsor and Newton from Cass Art) […]